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More power in your hands

If you’re looking to streamline your communications, Business Connect is the solution for your business.

Business Connect is a cloud-based unified communications solution that delivers voice, video, chat, and collaboration functions over an Internet connection without needing onsite servers or hardware.

Business Connect Power In Your Hands
How it works

Understanding Business Connect

Business Connect is a communication solution made for Australian businesses. It brings enterprise capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses, helping them enhance customer experience and streamline operations.

Business Connect enables collaboration and connection from anywhere, on any device, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and desk phones.

It includes inbound and outbound calls, video and chat functions. It also includes features essential for increasing productivity, improving customer engagement, and supporting flexible work environments.

Key features include:

circle Mix & match seat types

circle Unique voice line configuration

circle Free Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants & Call Queues

circle Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

circle Range of Call Queue functions (seat dependent)

circle Detailed Call Analytics (seat dependent)

circle Scalable solution to suit businesses of all sizes

circle Upgrade or downgrade seats with no fees or penalties

How Business Connect Works
What’s Included in Business Connect?

Our features boost productivity and save you money!

Our solution stands out by including essential features as standard. These features ensure efficient call management, enhance customer service, streamline operations, support business growth, and save time and money.

3 different seat options

You are not locked into selecting one specific seat type for all your users. As part of the flexibility of this solution, you can choose a different seat type for each user based on the features they specifically need.

Microsoft Teams integration

Users can handle calls from within Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need to switch between apps. What’s more, if Microsoft Teams isn’t working, you can still make and receive calls through our Commander with Webex softphone app and the Webex App Hub.

Commander with Webex

Users can download our softphone app to any of their devices, allowing them to make calls without needing a traditional office handset. This means your staff can work from anywhere on any device, no matter whether they use Apple or Android, Mac or PC. It is available on all Business Connect seat types for no additional cost.

Only pay for lines you need

Choose the number of voice lines for your business based on expected call volumes instead of assigning 1 line per seat, so you only pay for what you use, avoiding unnecessary line costs and unused calls. Each voice line can make 1 outbound call and receive 3 incoming calls simultaneously, reducing the risk of missed calls for your business.

Call Routing

It includes comprehensive call routing capabilities, allowing you to create custom routing rules to make sure your calls reach the right person every time. 

Base Analytics

Monitor customer interactions to improve customer experience. You can also measure team performance, identify trends and opportunities, and react quickly if an issue arises.

Call Centre

Calls can be placed in scalable Queues that play unique messages to callers while they’re on hold. Depending on the seat, users can access Basic, Standard or Premium Queues with features such as auto-answer functionality, overflow paths, route calls to team members in different geographical locations, scheduling and more.

Call Recording Basic

Coming Soon—June 2024. Depending on the seat, you can record calls to understand customer pain points, monitor call quality, and use this information as a tool to help train your team and improve productivity. It can also help with customer retention, disputes, regulatory compliance and more. 

We can create a custom solution for you today.

Let's achieve your business communication goals together.